Thursday, October 8, 2009

I love the rain

The last few days {honestly, I'm not sure how long it's been...} we've been getting tons of rain.

I'm the first one to tell you that fall weather is the best, and, rain or no rain, I'm loving October so far! This evening {into tonight} is no different. For most of today it was really humid and in the low 80s. Then, a cool front came through, and we got the 60s and at least an inch and a half of rain.

The only time I don't so much like the rain is when I have plans to do something my need to resume outside, morning workouts. I ran {3 miles!!} yesterday morning and was sooo glad that I'd finally sucked it up and gotten up {before the sun came up...}. But, that wasn't the case this morning.

I got up, put in my contacts {when that happens, there's no turning back} and put all my gear on. All suited up, I open the front door to total early morning nastiness. Soupy, misty, windy and cold. Not quite inviting.

I was unable to workout today, but I'll take the rain...anyday! {as long as it doesnt mess up my plans to watch tv!}

Oh, and speaking of running. If I really do plan on training for a half marathong {which I'd like to do, but want to be able to consistently run 3 miles first} I'm going to need a pair {or more...} of these. I have a few color combos in mind, feel free to ask! ha!

Get these {in many different color combinations} here

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e.bynum said...

YEA!!! You going to come with us to San Antonio? Keep up your running, those shorts are the best but its cooling off so you might need some capris! I would love it if you all came with us. You could run with me. I'm slow! Keep me posted