Tuesday, August 30, 2011

this saturday.

College football has finally returned! This Thursday starts the new season and the Sooners kick off Saturday night against Tulsa.

We have our tickets and a babysitter for the Little Monster.


Monday, August 29, 2011


I'll be the first to admit that when Jack came home from the hospital, I didn't exactly know what I was doing, but figured I could probably pick it up. At his mother/baby visit at the hospital, just 2 days after we went home, I was feeling very confident. In fact, I remember saying to John, "I feel like we're really doing well at all this baby stuff." Seconds later, I realized I had forgotten the diaper bag. Fail.

As the days turned to weeks, my confidence level really started to fall.

I had read The Baby Whisperer and tried my best to instill the Eat, Activity, Sleep schedule. Little did I know, I was trying to do that too soon, and not allowing Jack to enjoy the sleepy newborn phase. Anyway, like I said, as time went on, my confidence got lower and lower. I couldn't make a decision to save my life. I couldn't get through a day without crying. It was rough. Thankfully, John was really supportive and my mom was around to help out, too.

When Jack finally started to sleep through the night (thanks MomsOnCall!) and we had a set schedule, things really started to fall into place. We had a great routine, and Jack was continuing to sleep so well at night. Naps were another issue, but nighttime sleep was more important, so we were happy.

Around the time Jack turned 3 months old, it became evident that he didn't really need to eat every 3 hours anymore. So, I made the executive decision to move him to a 3.5 hour schedule. I realized we needed change. I decided what that change would be. And I implemented it. Sure, we had a couple of transition days, but we've settled into our new schedule quite nicely.

All of this is to say that confidence as a mom doesn't just come with the baby. It takes believing in yourself and realizing that you really do know what will be and work best for your baby.

I still worry about what we're going to do when we move to a 4 hour schedule and drop Jack's 9 p.m. bottle. Or what we'll do when we implement rice cereal. But, I know that whatever decision I make will be the best decision for Jack and for us.

I can honestly say I now have a lot more mom confidence!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I've been such a slacker on Jack's announcement. But, I set a deadline for myself (preferably before he started Kindergarten). And, with most all of them in the mail (still waiting on a few addresses), I think it's time to reveal his announcement.

The picture is by the fabulous Holli B (seriously, if you need a photographer ... she's your girl) and I did the design.

Jack, 10 days new

Monday, August 22, 2011


I couple weekends ago, some friends of ours (Josh & Lindsay) stopped by on their way back to Dallas after a weekend in Oklahoma.

J&L had their sweet baby girl, Addison, the day before we had our little monster  Jack :). And, since our babes are so close in age, they had to meet!

Although they're a little too young to remember, they were fast friends and both of them were just staring at the other baby in the room. (That's the first Jack's really been around other babies, so far). Anyway, Addi was born with tons of hair, like Jack, but hers is thicker and darker. And she has the cutest chubby cheeks!

We took tons of pics that we hope to show them in 18 years, when they're friends at OU.

babies meeting for the first time (it looks like Jack has a bald spot, which is not the case)

two very well-fed 3 month olds

even when meeting new people, Jack just can't keep his hands out of his mouth

aaand...he's done.

We had a great time catching up with the Carsons and can't wait to get the babies together again!

Monday, August 15, 2011

road trip.

A couple weekends ago, we braved the open road with our 3 month old. I had low expectations as to how Jack would handle 6ish hours in his car seat on the drive to Austin and how he would handle sleeping in a pack in play for three nights. But, I have to say, he did great!

With most of the house packed up, we hit the road for Austin Thursday morning, after Jack's morning feeding. We were on the road for about an hour, and had to stop again to feed him, change him and give a little attention before strapping him back in his car seat.

Then, we made it to about an hour outside of Austin before we had to stop again. We stopped at a Sonic, which was perfect. We all had some lunch, Jack got a diaper change and some play time and we were back on the road again.

We didn't hear a peep from the backseat until we were about 30 minutes from my parents' house.

Jack was a great nighttime sleeper in Austin, too. We did our usual bedtime routine and he went to sleep around 715 most nights, and would usually wake up for a few minutes and then put himself back to sleep until I woke him up for his 9 p.m. feeding. Then, the first night, he woke up and cried for about 10 minutes around 415. The second night he woke up and cried for a few minutes around 5 am. And then the last night, he slept through the night, without a noticeable peep!

In addition to being the best baby ever, Jack finally got to meet Mia! My grandmother made the trek to Oklahoma for my shower in March, but hadn't gotten to meet her newest great-grandson, yet.

Mia came over Friday afternoon and got some Jack time, and we took a four generation picture!

With the craziness of Jack's schedule and his lack of naps, but increased fussiness, it was tough to really get out and see anyone. But, Kelly and Stephanie, two of my best friends, were able to stop by my parent's house to meet him, but I didn't get a picture of their meetings. But, Kelly will be in Oklahoma later this month, and Steph should be in Oklahoma at the end of October!

We had a great time, spending quality time with family and can't wait to take Jack back around Thanksgiving to meet his Uncle (Unkie??) Brian, Aunt Tara and cousins Hunter and Hannah!

The drive back to Oklahoma was really just as great as the drive down. We stopped in Waco and about 45 minutes from home to feed Jack. I'm one proud momma of that little monster (our newest loving nickname for the man)!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Jack: Three Months.

I'll probably say this every time, but, wow, time really flies. I'm still somewhat in disbelief that we have a baby, much less a three month old!

Jack has been quite the mover and shaker in the last month. We've really enjoyed watching his personality grow during his ever-lengthening awake time. In the last week, we've moved Jack to a 3.5 hour schedule, and though we had a couple of rough days during the transition, it seems like he's settled in pretty well.

Jack continues to learn every day. He's found his hands and loves chewing and sucking on them and his forearms. He loves to swing at the little animals and toys on his play mat. He is also getting stronger every day. He's sitting up in his Bumbo sometimes and loves to "stand" on us or any surface that we'll hold him up on. He could be on the way to his first tooth, because he's been drooling like crazy for weeks now.

At the beginning of July, I changed his routine and we started to enjoy full nights of sleep. Jack was sleeping from his last meal at 9 until 6 or 6:30 in the morning, with some reswaddles in the middle of the night. But, recently we've given up reswaddling him at night in an attempt to wean him from the swaddle and he now goes from 9 until 7! We love having extra sleep!

This month has been full of firsts for our babe. When Uncle Jason came to visit, Jack had his first dip in the pool! Grams and Gramps got him a cute swimsuit and shirt (spf 50!) and we put him in the pool later in the evening. Though he was pretty much indifferent, we can't wait to get him in there again! And, my friend Sarah, Jack's future best friend's mom, had a cute baby shower a couple weekends ago and Jack was the only boy in attendance. He did great and was loved on by lots of the ladies. And, finally, we hit the road for Jack's very first road trip to see his family in Austin (post on that coming soon!). He did great!

On July 25, we heard Jack laugh for the first time, too!

It's no secret that the temperatures in Oklahoma are out of control this summer, and our poor little man is just as miserable as the next guy. We've had him stripped down to just a diaper many nights just to try to keep him cool. And, he has two fans going in his room when he sleeps. Let's just say he's already showings signs that he inherited his dad's extra-hot nature.

Jack was born with lots of super dark hair, but as the weeks have gone by, his roots are turning blonde and it looks like we've had his hair highlighted. I wonder if he'll end up blonde-haired and blue-eyed.

We don't have a doctor's appointment this month, so the weight and length are unofficial.

3 month stats:
•14 lbs.
•25 1/4"
•6 oz (with occasional 7 oz.) bottles every 3.5 hours
•growing out of 0-3 month onesies, wearing some 3-6 month clothes
•finishing up our last size 1s and moving to 2s asap

Friday, August 5, 2011

baby shower.

A couple weeks ago I went to a baby shower for a friend (and sorority sister) of mine and Jack's future best friend.

I got there early thinking I could feed the babe before too many people got there and he got distracted. Although that was good thinking on my part, things didn't exactly turn out that way. In the three hours we were there, Jack had 3 ounces of formula and was awake for all but 30 minutes. But, to his credit, he was a perfect angel! He got super hot, but didn't make a peep! And, by the time I loaded him in his car seat for the drive home, he was out.

Several girls from my pledge class were there and I was so excited to show off my precious little guy. And, it was great to catch up with girls I hadn't seen in a long time.

Sarah, Sam and baby Luke are really loved and after this shower, they should be pretty much ready for his arrival in early September (or later this month, if he's itching to get out...).

Anyway, one of the girls had her camera and got some great pics of everyone (and Jack)!

me and Sarah

Sarah's MIL ... she was scooping up every child she could get her hands on!

ooo, he's cute!

Sarah with her mom and Sam's mom ... and Jack

Chi O till we Die O

refusing to take the bottle

Sarah's niece Laney, also born on May 6

another cute one

Missy (she's pregnant with twins, due in January/February!!!) with her mom and sister

John and I get so excited when we find out that our friends are having babies. And, Sarah and Sam are no exception. We can't wait for Luke to get here!