Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The bet

As promised, I got back on track with my working out. I ran on Saturday, and while pounding the pavement, I had quite the "aha!" moment.

I had a goal at the end of the summer to get to a particular weight, but...well...I chose really great food and drink over shedding pounds. {Not that hard of a decision to make, but maybe not the best decision to choose.} Anyway, with OU/Texas right around the corner {I say this every year, but I cannot believe it's almost OU/Texas, much less, October!}, I want to look my best!

I proposed a little wager to the hubs on Saturday. The terms of the bet are as follows:

1) Weigh in before the bet starts {done, on my part, J, on the other hand, is waiting...not quite fair, but whatever, I'll turn a blind eye}

2) Winner is the spouse that has lost the most lbs by OU/Texas {we don't have a specific date set yet, but I'm thinking we should get on that}

3) The winner gets a massage

Now, my thoughts on the whole thing are that it's a win-win for both of us. If I win, I not only lost weight, but I also get a massage {I'm thinking, if J will let me, I'll trade that in for a little retail therapy, but we'll see. And if I lose, I've still lost some weight {fingers crossed here}, J's lost some weight, and he gets a massage.

I do not see a down side.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Makes me feel real good

We have a really quiet weekend planned. {yay!}

On Thursday we hit Campus Corner with a few members of our staff for a little comraderie and picture taking for our OTS section of the magazine.

Can I tell you that I didn't really put much thought into what I was wearing. It was a chilly night, and I'm 26. Not exactly on the prowl, if you know what I mean. But for some reason {maybe 21 year-old guys prefer black long sleeve tops and flats?} I was getting more attention than normal.

We were in Joe's Taverna {btw, free beer for girls on Thursday nights...if you're not going there at some point on a Thursday, you're throwing your money away...} and I was sitting solo and this guy came from the bathroom and stopped to introduce himself and chat. John saw the exchange, but found that there was no reason to come over and save me {thanks, love}.

Then, we hit up O'Connell's and I was on the lookout for OTS pics, and there were many there for the taking, and everyone was excited to get their pic taken for the magazine. Then, I saw a group of guys {I like to put at least a couple pics of guys only in there ... girls read the magazine, too}. I asked if they minded getting their picture taken, and one of the guys insisted that I be in there too...uhh, ok, i guess. So, here's the picture. You don't have to tell me twice how awkward I look.
Me and the guys that insisted I be in their pic...

Anyway, we ended up out way later than I expected, but had a great time. It's fun to pretend you're still in college.

Like I said, not many plans for the weekend, but I would like to get our bedside table painted {'s been in the garage waiting for the paint for more than a month} and get back on the workout track. Have I mentioned that I haven't worked out for 3 weeks?? Ahhh!

Have a good one!

Monday, September 21, 2009

What's in a name?

I'm not sold on the name of our blog, but I love alliteration, and obviously "Montgomery Moments" was what popped in my mind first, so I went with it.

I think "Montgomery Moments" is a bit cheesy for a couple of twenty-something married folk, sans kids. Dontcha think? {I wanna hear all opinions, no matter what!}

I've been racking my brain for the last couple of days for a better name for our blog.

I thought of something with "Monty" in it. My first thought was The Full Monty, but that's weird and makes no sense. And I thought of something like "Meat and Potatoes," which is actually a joke between us, but would sound kinda weird {and maybe turn people off from reading} to others {right??}. So...

Any suggestions? I'd love to hear from the people that read this {even the lurkers}. So, hit that little comment button and tell me your fabulous idea for the name of our blog.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


We had a great weekend.

It was OU's second home game {vs. Tulsa} and much more of a challenge for our newly-appointed QB, Landry Jones {who might just have the best mustache in all of college football}.

I was a bit irritated with the bit of rain we had to endure pre-game, but it quickly abated and left us with a pretty nice day. Sunny with a nice breeze. Perfect fall football weather.

The game was pretty fun. It's not everyday you have a shut out and it's definitely not everyday you have a shut out against a team that averages 41 points per game. Yeah! And, it looks like our guy Landry might have another receiver to turn to! We may not have to worry about quadruple coverage afterall!

After the game we hit Campus Corner for a few celebratory beers, queso fries and more football!

Of course I forgot my camera, but just imagine us all in great spirits, celebrating a fabulous OU win and a fabulous USC loss! {I know, I'm not so much as celebrating that USC lost, as I am that we get to move up a little more in the polls.}

After all of OU's preseason misfortune, I'm really doing my best to not be like fans from other schools/conferences. It's not cool to get excitement out of others' misfortune. That's my motto for the '09-'10 football season, people. Maybe you should make it yours, too!

Good luck to our boys on their bye-week and then definitely when they head to South Beach to take on a much-improved/almost-scary Miami team! Boomer!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Should I be concerned?

Remember this post? {Of course you do, it was less than a week ago...}

Well, in the last 4 or 5 days I've been forgetting things with more frequency and J is none too pleased. He's told me he really is a little worried about me.

I forget big things, like where I put something very important that just so happens to not me mine and I forget little things, like items that we need from the grocery store or Wally World.

Uhh...time to increase my Ginseng intake?

I'm also on the lookout for some kind of iphone app that has brain teasers or something to get my synapses goin...

What do you suggest I do to curb this little problem I have?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The look for less

How much do you guys love Target? I think it's safe to say that i LOOOOVE Target.

Now, because i LOOOOVE Target, I'm always right on top of the who's going to be the newest designer doing their looks for less. And, three days ago, Anna Sui debuted her line for Target.

Can I tell you that I love her stuff? I have a dress of hers that I got from Anthropologie a couple of years ago that I still absolutely love. I've worn it to several weddings, and although I haven't broken it out in a while, it's still always at the top of my list.

Anyway, her Target line is pretty great. This dress is definitely one of my faves {and it's only $69.99!!}. I've also found a couple of other must-haves.

If you aren't familiar with Anna Sui, check her out here and then check out her stuff at Target, I think you'll love the pretty clothes ... and the pretty prices. Her aesthetic is kinda modern-boho-chic and definitely wearable. I'm not all that boho in my everyday styling, but a piece here and there could potentially take a look from "eh" to "wow"!

The other thing {that I just thought of} is that I really love all those fab embellished t-shirts. There are a bunch at J.Crew and I've found a couple from other designers. But, it just seems like $125 {or more} for a t-shirt is a teensy bit outrageous... So, I'm wondering if it would be doable to make your own? Would this require a sewing machine? Do I need a bedazzler? These are important questions, people.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Losing my mind

I'm usually really good at keeping things organized and put away. However, I'm going through a bit of a rough patch.

I cannot remember anything! My most recent blunder was probably the worst, since, somehow, I lost a picture from one of our advertisers. Ugh! I know I put it somewhere safe...too safe. Luckily, he was really nice and not worried about it at all...sooo nice!

Next, J had to pick up his watch from BC Clark {new battery} the other day and, of course, he'd given me the claim check. And, of course, I'd put it somewhere safe {per his instructions} and when it came time to get the watch back, I couldn't remember where I'd put it! {I remembered where I'd put it later that evening while I was in the shower...}

My latest lost object wasn't quite as terrible. I was working on an ad on Friday and needed some info our contact person had given us for it. I checked my purse...not there. I knew I needed to ask J what had happened to it, but knew that if I'd asked he would get mad at me. {He's getting a little frustrated with my lack of memory} As luck would have it, he called and said he needed to email the list to me {yes! he had it!}. I confessed that I thought I'd lost it and we got a nice little laugh.

It may be funny after I've found what I'm looking for, but it gets entirely too frustrating trying to figure out where you would have put something important.

J says I need to take some Ginseng. I think he's right.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The best time of year

I'm so pumped that we're finally in the midst of fall! Every year around this time, I'm always looking forward to football, cooler weather, fall clothes {I love me some sweaters, jeans, boots, etc}, the leaves turning and of course, all the good tv shows coming back!

Not that I really need to be taking on any new shows, but it's always nice to have a full DVR waiting for a rainy day, right?

Shows I'm most looking forward to {in no particular order, of course}:

How I Met Your Mother {J and I got into this last's hilarious!}
Gossip Girl {Next week!!!}
Greek {It's already started, and I love it!}
Rachel Zoe Project {It's a guilty pleasure...}

{so sad Big Brother is over next Tues...}
90210 {I sorta watched this last season...maybe I'll get back into it.}
Maybe So You Think You Can Dance {I love dance shows...I just can't handle all of the audition episodes}
The Biggest Loser {It's a serious tear-jerker}
Melrose Place {I've DVRed the first episode, so we'll see...}

Top Chef
Glee {I've DVRed the first ep, but haven't watched it yet. I have my fingers crossed though}

Project Runway
The Hills {Sept. 29! I just hope K. Cavallari doesn't annoy the crap outta me...}

I don't watch much tv on Fridays, but I've caught Ghost Whisperer once and I liked it...I might think about adding it to my repertoire.

The only acceptable thing to watch is College Gameday and football

60 Minutes {I'll endure 5 mins with Andy Rooney for good informational tv}
The Amazing Race {I love this show!!!}

I know, I really watch wayyy too much tv, but luckily I DVR most of it and watch it on a lazy Sunday or when I'm folding laundry {bleh}.

What shows are you looking forward to this fall??

{BTW, this is my 50th post!!}

Thursday, September 10, 2009

30 Minutes

I've had a lofty goal for last two weeks or so...

I've taken it upon myself to try my hand at training for a half marathon. I've checked online and found a training program.

Now, I'm not exactly a "runner," ya know? I'm not one to love running miles on end. So, why am I taking on a half marathon?? Gooood question.

I kind of think having a goal is the best way to motivate me to continue working out. And, I think I'm right.

One of the things that the training program says is that you need to be able to run for 30 minutes before you can really start training. I can do that, no problem {as long as I'm on a treadmill, watching my favorite DVRed TV}. Since I know I can do that on a treadmill, I needed to know if I could do it outside, with all the hills, etc. My first attempt didn't go so hot. I made it for 21 minutes and my legs were like jelly. I did a pretty darn good job, making it for that long, but 21 minutes is not 30 minutes, is it? {It's not...}

Yesterday, I made another attempt at running for 30. I made it to 21...and ran for another 9!! I made it. And, last night J and I clocked how far I'd run and it was 3.1 miles!! Almost a 5K.

My plan is to run that a few more times before I actually start doing the training. It's quite daunting to think that at the end of that training I'll be running more than 13 miles. Crazy!

Wish me luck...I'll probably need it.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Not what I expected

I had high hopes for this past weekend.

Dinner and a movie with B on Friday, a wedding and the start of college football on Saturday, a lazy Sunday followed by a lazy Labor Day.

Friday night was great. We had dinner {mostly consisting of chips...ha} and then saw The Time Traveler's wife. It was ok, but I'm thinking I lost some of the information since I've never read the book. But, it must be said, although I wasn't completely into this movie, I still cried.

The wedding on Saturday night was really pretty. The ceremony was outside in the bride's grandparent's backyard. It was gorgeous...shaded with beautiful flowers, etc. We didn't stick around too long, but enjoyed the reception while we were there.

College football, on the other hand, did not go as expected. If you don't know by now...then you're just not well-informed and I'd rather not go into it.

Sunday and today were just as I suspected. I really should have gotten some work done, but definitely enjoyed just lazing around.

I guess, all in all, the weekend wasn't too bad. Although the one bad thing was pretty darn bad. I keep trying to tell myself that losing a game isn't the end of the world. It definitely hurts and probably will keep hurting, but hopefully we can get back up and treat next week as the real start to our season. {fingers crossed}

Saturday, September 5, 2009


It's football time in Oklahoma! Today is a long-time coming!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

No Comparison

The Sooners play their first "home" game against BYU this weekend, and while I'm very excited for football season to finally be starting, our first game should have been in Norman.

Can I tell you that this game is taking somewhere around 30 {thirty} million dollars from the city of Norman and all of the businesses around there. Since we deal with several Norman businesses, we've taken it upon ourselves to boycott the game in Arlington. Yes, it will probably be fun {but, not that fun} but that's not a good enough reason to take that kind of money from the town that gives you unending support. Who's with me??

On another note, I've seen many people trying to compare this game to OU/Texas. Seriously?? If you think playing BYU in Arlington at some billion-dollar stadium is the same as playing long-time rival Texas in Dallas at the State Fair is the same thing, then you're delusional. C'mon, people. You cannot say that those crazy Mormons are going to be giving you hell like the Horns will.

I'm a little bummed to be missing the first game of the season {and possibly the first showing of the always-anticipated intro video} but I'll be even more bummed if this game turns into some kind of campaign to move OU/Texas.

So, if you're headed to Arlington to cheer on the Sooners, please do so, and very loud. But, don't have too much fun and remember, there's no comparison to playing OU/Texas in Dallas at the state fair.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

On the verge

You guys all know that J and I have really gotten into photography. We've taken pictures for a restaurant in Norman a couple of times for their ads and of course, J has been taking pictures for the paper for years {mostly basketball and football}.

Last week, we pulled the trigger and we have 2 new lenses coming in {one is courtesy of The Purcell Register}, as well as a tripod, remote and a UV Filter. Can you tell that we're well on our way to becoming professional photographers? Well, we are.

I've been asked by my friend Beth to create some kind of postcard for her to send out to potential optometry patients. We are tentatively scheduled to take some kind of picture of her for that, and I'm pretty excited that we have these new lenses coming in to take her picture with.

I'll keep you posted. And, if any of you have anything in the works that might want me to help with...let me know! I'm going to try designing our Christmas cards this year, and wouldn't mind doing some for friends!