Monday, October 29, 2012


Yesterday John and I celebrated out 6th anniversary! After a sucky Sooner loss and John's terrible allergy attack it wasn't a super exciting. But, we snuck off for a late lunch and quick trip to Bed Bath and Beyond. Yep, we're domestic. I can't believe it's been 6 years ... crazy how time flies!

TOP this year at OU/texas // BOTTOM LEFT our first date 10 years ago at Hooties and Harleys [I was so nervouse people would think i actually picked him at a biker bar ... ha!] // BOTTOM RIGHT cutting the cake on our wedding night

Friday, October 19, 2012

Jack: 17 months.

At this point, we're just weeks shy of having a child that's one and a half. Nuts!

Jack was in his high chair the other day and I just started thinking about how he'll be 2 1/2 next year at Halloween and soon enough [too soon, honestly] he'll be 6 1/2 and he'll be a little boy and not my baby anymore :(. It's just so crazy how time flies, especially when you really sit down to think about everything that's happened in such a short time.

Anyway ... onward.


• is jumping all.the.time. If he's not running, he's jumping.
• had about a week of not so good reports from school. From climbing on tables to pushing other kids out of the way. That was tough to hear...
• had a rough go with more teething. It seemed like he was in pain, but the teeth didn't show up. Until ... the very end of the month when his two bottom incisors popped through.
• had lots of family in town for the OU vs. Kansas State time. At one point, we had 7 people and 2 dogs in our tiny little house. That night Jack pretty much refused a bath. We threw him in, rinsed him off, washed his hair and he was out again in about 5 minutes.
• had a zoo date with me and Auntie B. I'm looking forward to many more zoo trips in the future. I can't wait until he's pointing and saying all of the animals' names!
• can point to people when you ask where they are. "Where's mama?" he points at me. "Where's dada?" he points to John. It's fun!
• is getting better and better at stacking blocks. [always working on those fine motor skills :)]
• repeating things constantly. He knows hot and cold [and which one is which when he feels something].
• is able to catch larger objects. One night John was tossing an empty 7-Up bottle to him and he caught it just about every time!
• is loving daycare. There's a newer lady there who has been doing lots of fun painting activities with his class. He comes with home with new artwork at least 3 times a week. The lady said that he gets upset with it's not his turn to paint. Do we have a budding artist??
• ended this month with pink eye and an ear infection. Thank goodness he got on some Amoxicillan because I can hardly handle a sick little monster.

17 month stats:
•probably about 25 lbs (no official stats this month)
•LOVES: bananas, peanut butter throwing/"catching"/chasing balls, Itsy Bitsy app on his phone [my old iphone], "Goodnight Moon", running everywhere, all phones and all things that he can use like a phone, jumping, Boomer Sooner [his favorite song], puzzles, sweeping/the broom/the vaccum, bathtime, sliding at the playground
•DISLIKES: coming inside, not getting what he wants (usually a phone)
•mostly 12-18 month clothes, size 5 shoe 
•size 4 diaper, size 5 at night

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

what's up wednesday.

It's that time again.

• Today is my mom's birthday! Happy birthday Mom!!

 Thanks to Darci for reminding me how perfect RedStamp is, I sent my mom this little gem this morning.

• We're going through the almost nightly throw-ups again with Jack. He got over his pink eye and ear infection (and gave them to me...), but now he's got more drainage than your average 17 month old and it's causing him to throw up. Usually at night. Usually all over everything. But after that, he's fine and sleeps the rest of the night. We're off the milk and back on the Zyrtec, so hopefully it'll take effect soon.

• Last weekend was OU/Texas. I missed last year ... but we made it happen this year. And, thank goodness! Seeing that game in person was one I want to remember! It's not often that the Longhorns are half gone by halftime...nuts! I had no expectations on the outcome of that game but I was pleasantly surprised.

• Jack is 17 months and I really need to do his monthly post before I forget everything ... or try to lump it into his 18 month post!

• And, finally, like I mentioned in my previous post, the Divine Mrs. Ems' Etsy store is now open! Digital files are $18, or $18 + printing (if you don't want to print yourself), or! you can get a custom design for $40 + printing. Shop away, friends!

Monday, October 15, 2012

it's official!

The Divine Mrs. Em Designs Etsy store is officially open for business!

Go now to check it out!

Friday, October 5, 2012

instaupdate. [last weekend + this week]

Last weekend was super rainy [loved it!], but all of our planned activities went off without a hitch!
Friday Night Lights [the J man's first high school football game this season!] // John and I played wedding photographers last weekend, and this is one of my favorites of the photos so far // John's cousin is getting married in a month and our little monster is going to be the cutest ring bearer! // a little rainy day coloring

gorgeous "just because" flowers from my main squeeze // playground fun Tuesday night // a restless almost 17 month old at the doctor // moving announcement sneaky peek

Wednesday afternoon Jack's daycare called and said he had a 103 fever and just wasn't his usual ornery self. I picked him and he was just miserable. None of slept well Wednesday night and he had a high fever most of Thursday. We got in to see the doctor this morning and he has pink eye and a minor ear infection. We've started amoxicillin and hope to be on the road to recovery soon!

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

OKC Zoo.

A few weekends ago, Beth, my best gal and Jack's Godmother, made our way to the Oklahoma City zoo. We had the best time!

Attempting to handle the monster.


This was just before running, tripping and scratching his face. He loved the giraffe and was repeating "giraffe" when I said it.

At the petting zoo -- he only had eyes for the goats.

He finally worked up the courage to pet the goat.

We had a great time and we both came home and took a long nap!

Tennessee road trip (part 3).

On our final leg of our road trip, we hit the road for a quick 1 hour drive through what I consider foothills to Lynchburg, home of Jack Daniels.

After another winding drive on two-lane highways, we made it to the distillery around 10 am. Our timing was perfect. The distillery hadn't filled up yet, we got a great parking place and got right into a tour group!

After a short 5 minute wait, we were on our way!

inside the Visitor's center

Jack Daniels makes their own barrels. That's wood that has been cut down and fired and ready to be made into barrels

One of the 7 Barrel houses that Jack Daniels has

The freshwater spring that Jack Daniels has used to make their whiskey since the beginning.

Sculpture of Jack Daniels -- it's not to scale. Jack was just 5'2" (the sculpture is 5'8") and he wore a size  7 shoe (this shoes a size 10)

The safe in Jack Daniels' original office.

We're goin' in! (no pictures allowed inside)

Lynchburg town square. 

It's a super cute town that's ... wait for it ... in a dry county. Yes. Jack Daniels has always been in Lynchburg and they don't have the voters to overturn prohibition. 

The tour of the distillery was super cool. It was about an hour and a half and we saw just about everything -- Jack's original office, trucks dropping off grain, moonshine, the mellowing process, one of the barrel houses and bottling and labeling. Even though we weren't able to taste the whiskey, it was really so fun. I highly recommend winding your way to Lynchburg, TN.