Monday, December 28, 2009

Help me!!

While I love blogging, I've been really wanting to jazz this thing up a bit. A friend of mine, Jennie, has this cool thing on her PC called WindowsLive Writer.

She's able to write blog posts on there and put together photo albums, pictures etc., with the ability to post to blogger when she wants to.

Since I'm a Mac, not a PC, and this particular bit of blogging goodness is only available for PCs, it just won't work on my computer! Booo!!!

I've scoured the web and found this little article telling me the top 10 Mac apps for blogging. I've downloaded 3 of them and they aren't what I'm looking for.

I don't care that I have to get onto Blogger to post something, what I really want is to be able to jazz up my pictures, without having to jazz them up individually in photoshop or something. Ya know, different sizes, maybe two or three on the same row {I know, sounds a little too crazy} and different borders. Like this {ok, I don't know this family, but aren't they adorable?? I love reading their blog!}.

Anyone know of a way that I can do all of this on a Mac?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

HMT: Update

Today was my second time to step up my distance.

I haven't been the best at keeping up with my training since Blizzard '09 hit OK just before Christmas. I told myself I would definitely run on Thursday...that didn't happen. I told myself I would definitely run on Friday...that didn't happen. And then I told myself that I would for sure do pilates for my cross-training on Saturday...that didn't happen. {Noticing a pattern here??}

So, my 5-miler was scheduled for today. I wasn't going to let that slip by, so I hit the treadmill. I would have certainly preferred to try my hand at 5 miles outside, but the snow/ice was really cramping my style.

I ran with Real Housewives of NYC on the tv, which provided enough distraction that I didn't even see my distance until 4.5 miles. Yes! I made the full 5 and I couldn't be more proud {well, I could if I'd ran outside, but that didn't happen, so I'm proud of my 5 treadmill miles}.

Now that I have my Garmin, I'm kinda chomping at the bit to get outside and work with it! Maybe by next Sunday {and my next 5-miler} I'll have dry roads to run on!

Looks like I'm really on my way to running that half-marathon!!

Nicest of the Nice Lists

I've given you a rundown on the weather and our whereabouts on Christmas, but I know you want to hear about the goods, right?

Ha! I guess I've been good this year, because Santa {and the rest of my family} was ever so generous! The highlights of my Christmas are

J got me these gorg Tory Burch flats! I love them! I've always wanted a little touch of animal print, and I think these are perfect!!

My parents were so generous and I know I've talked about this a couple of times. I couldn't be more excited to get it all figured out and start pacing my runs! Half-marathon, here I come!!

John's parents got these for me! I'm so excited to wear them all 3 different ways!! And, if you know me at all, you know I love gray!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

With the possibility of a "Blizzard '09" we were getting excited that Christmas was only days away on Wednesday.

Thursday morning, I woke up to pouring {freezing} rain. The dogs tried their hardest to refuse to go to outside, but I talked them into take care of business, and then enjoying the warmth of the house.

By around 9:30 or so, the rain had turned to freezing rain/sleet. And let me tell ya, the winds were a force to reckoned with. The weathermen {who took over all of the local stations for at least 12 hours straight} were saying the winds were sustained around 40 mph with gusts around 60 mph.

I did a little precooking for Christmas day and a little work {boo!} and did my best to stay inside.

By noon or 1, the sleet had turned to snow, complete with high winds and huge snowflakes! We were destined for a white Christmas! It snowed until around 8pm, and even then the winds were still whipping the snow around and the temperatures were freezing!

With church canceled, we hunkered down at J's parent's house. Dinner was quiet, but it was nice to be inside and nestled in with loved ones. We felt fortunate, since we knew there were people out there stuck in their cars on closed highways with little food and little hope of getting to their ultimate destination.

Christmas morning was great! I got up and took the pugs outside {again, they were very hesitant to be out in the snow} and hung out. J got up not too long after, so we checked out our stockings {which probably took 5 minutes...they were kinda sparse} and then opened the few presents we had under our tree.

Then we braved the short trek to his parents' house. Christmas morning was great! Such good company and everyone was so generous! I really missed my family, but J's family is the best substitute I could ask for!

We didn't think the extended family was going to make it, but they also braved the roads and made it to Christmas lunch!

I didn't take many pictures, but we had a great holiday! I can't believe how fast it comes and goes. I hope everyone had a safe, and joyous Christmas as well!

Here are my few pictures from the snow {from my phone}:

Earlyish in the day, with sleet starting to accumulate

J's parents' backyard by late afternoon -- see that snowdrift up on the back fence??

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Phone & 100th Post!!

Yesterday morning, I woke up and grabbed my phone. I hit the home button {iphone...} and tried sliding the little button to the right to unlock it. Nothing happened. I tried again, and again, and again, and again, and nothing. This went on for the better part of the morning.

I turned my phone off around 10 different times, but nothing changed.

J and I ventured out to run a few errands, and stopped by the AT&T store. The lady in there wasn't able to do anything.

I came home and called Technical Support. After 40 minutes on the phone with Yolanda {thanks, lady!} my phone was still locked up tight. We updated, restored and restored from back up {mostly spent in friendly silence}.

At that point, I was frustrated and having to use J's sucky Blackberry. After a conversation with my brother, it seemed like I'd exhausted all of my options.

This morning, I decided to make the trek to OKC to brave Penn Square Mall and go to the Apple Store. I mean they have a Genius bar! If they can't do it, no one can! They were, of course, as nice as can be. But, they, too, were unable to unlock my phone. Ugh! So, what did I do? I bought a new 3Gs. Merry Christmas to me...

I like the new phone, but would have probably chosen to not spend $215 on a new phone right now.

On to more exciting news, this is my 100th post! I've really enjoyed blogging and hope that you've enjoyed reading. Thanks so much and here's to at least 100 more!


Christmukkah is this holiday party that two sets of brothers put on in Oklahoma City. I think it's been going on for a couple years {maybe more, who knows...}. Anywho, J and I decided to go this year, and were a little curious as to what it was like.

I guess last year was crazy, because in lieu of a big event center and "random high-schoolers", they chose to cap the number of guests and have it at an undisclosed location.

The plan was to park your car at Penn Square mall, hop on a limo bus {with your choice of beer or RBV} and let it take you to the party--which happened to be at Seven47. It worked out great! We enjoyed the bus ride, the music, the booze...everything!

Before entering the world that is Chrismukkah, we ventured over to Joe's Taverna for his Christmas party. This is the third year we've been invited to Joe's party, and let me tell ya...this was the craziest, by far! After a couple of beers with Joe, we braved the cold and walked back to Seven47.

J and Buddy, his college of Journalism friend

Joe, me {in a crazy pimp hat} and J

Chrismukkah did not disappoint. There was a shot block, there were dancing Mrs. Claus' on the bar, there was a VIP area with hookahs, there was good music! Although I would have liked to have a few more friendly faces there, we had a great time.

Since we were so busy having fun, I only have a few pictures. But, here they are.

On the bus to Seven47 {with a cool piece of hair across my forehead...}

J and the dancing Mrs. Claus'

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The season of giving

I've finished my Christmas shopping, but maybe you haven't and are feeling overly generous and thought about getting me a little something to put under my tree?

I was perusing a Garnet Hill catalog recently and came across a couple of things I just have to have liked.

This sweater is seriously cute. I love that its long and I definitely love the ombre from gray to black {speaking of gray, how do you spell it? gray or grey?}.

J and I have bedding, but I think this is so gorg. I love that they're somewhat metallic (so romantic) yet in neutral colors, allowing for all kinds of great accent colors!

Anyway, with only 7 shopping days left, you might want to put in your order with Garnet Hill. But, I'm not opposed to a little New Year's present, either!


Has anyone noticed the number of different Christmas blow-ups available now? Of the ones that I've seen this year, the highlights have to be {in no particular order}:

•winter-themed playing Christmas carols {imagine the electric bill on that bad boy...}
•Santa in his bi-plane with a turning prop
•Christmas-themed merry-go-round, with real turning parts.

and my absolute fave...the nativity scene.

Yes, while in Austin last weekend, I saw a front yard sporting this holiday symbol dressed in its finest poly-blow-up material {or whatever they may be using}.

Ok, but seriously, a blow-up nativity scene?? I mean I guess I understand the desire of some blow-up sitting in your yard practically shouting at passersby your love for the holiday season. But, a nativity scene? I just don't think it screams "Jesus is the reason for the season" when he, Mary, Joseph, the three wise men, a couple of camels and a cow are made out of commercial vinyl being blown up with an air pump.

But maybe I come from a place of no, not a place of yes.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Well...this is what it should have looked like...

I finally got most of my Christmas cards in the mail the other day, and although I thought the printing quality was less-than-stellar, I still like the design I used.

And, like I said, since the printing quality was less-than-stellar, I've decided to post what it should have looked like on here.

The printers had a hard time figuring out exactly what I wanted. My specs were 6x4" and it was front and back...which shouldn't be too complicated, right?

Nope, the printers just could.not. figure it out. At first, they stretched the card so that the top half was 4x6 and the bottom half was 4x6 so that the card would fold over at the white dotted line....uhh...did I specify that? NO!

Then they were worried that it wouldn't fit in the envelope I specified...

If I could, I would have told them this: I know exactly what I built. I know the specifications and what I'm looking for. If I'd wanted the front to be folded in half, don't you think I would have told you that? And, if I didn't think it would fit in the envelope I told you I needed, do you think I would have told you that I needed it? Also, I wanted the card to bleed...which means you should not have put a white border around it, as I specified with my crop marks in the PDF I emailed you.

Since it's the holiday season, I chose to keep my mouth shut and probably not get anything like that printed from them again.

So, if you got our card, please remember that the design is well thought-out and good looking {minus the fact that the gray reindeer came out black -- ugh!} and let me know if I can help you with any design needs! {shameless self-plug, sorry!}

Friday, December 11, 2009

HMT: Update

I'm on week 4 of my HM training, and I think things are going swimmingly runningly {not funny? sorry}. I've done the first two weeks of the training twice each, and I'll do my final 4-mile long run this Sunday.

I have to say that I'm a bit nervous about upping my distance, but I know I can do it. Everytime I mention to other runners that I'm going to run a half, they are so encouraging, and let me tell goes a long way.

With the weather turning much colder {especially in the last few days...} and the winds picking up {seriously, Oklahoma, what is WITH the winds?} running outside isn't really my favorite daily activity. But, I'm thinking I'll have to just suck it up and do it, since I'm potentially pushing up my the date of my first official half.

No, I'm not creating my own Montgomery-sponsored race, I'm really thinking about doing a run before the OKC Memorial.

Some friends of ours live in Ardmore, and there's a 5k, half and full-mary from the Arbuckle mountains into Ardmore. Uhh, I checked out the course for the race, and it's mostly straight and mostly downhill {perfect for my first half, doncha think?}. Anyway, it'd be fun to run with friends, spend the weekend with friends, and accomplish my first half...with friends {didn't see that one coming, did ya?}.

Interested in a fabulous March run from the Arbuckles into Ardmore? Go here. Not interested? Go here or here or here.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

holiday crafting

Since J had to take pictures at a high school basketball game last friday night, I had some alone time, which proved perfect for finally putting together my ornament wreath!

I'd scoured every Dollar Tree in a 25 mile radius {all two of them...} and loaded up on red and gold baubles.

To my crafting supplies I went. Hot glue gun: check, wire coat hanger: check, about 70 ornaments: check. I was ready.

About an hour, two glue sticks and three pounds of glitter later, I had myself a cute little red and gold ornament wreath. My only problem now? Where to hang the sucker. My original idea was the hang it in the middle of one of our windows, but that's where we plan to put the tree, which means my hard work would be overshadowed. Not ok.

So, for now, it's hanging on a door knob in the hallway and as soon as I get some red ribbon for the top, it just might stay there.

Pictures to come...

Friday, December 4, 2009

who IS that guy?

The town that we live in has a Christmas parade every year, with Santa riding the fire truck {or ladder truck as my crazy-town husband likes to call it} at the end.

Who did they ask to be Santa this year? Two guesses, and the first doesn't count.

Yes, my hubs.

Pre-Santa get-up

Half of The Look

The parade was last night in the balmy frigid temperatures, and I must say he made a pretty good Santa! {And provided many laughs, and a story to last a lifetime!} There were over 60 floats in this parade and by the time the fire {ladder} truck was in sight, I have to say I was ready for it to be over {only due to the temps, of course}.

J had the Santa wave down pat and though I couldn't hear him from the ground, his "Ho, Ho, Ho" was pretty darn good.

Oh, and don't worry, I definitely got some blackmail pictures. Unfortunately, by the time he was all suited up, I had left him to find the best spot to grab all the candy I could to watch the parade. But, here are a few that should give you a good idea.

The pics above are the best ones I have of the big man, but for to take up more space your viewing pleasure, here are some of the better pics from the parade:

There were several bands, which means it was a real parade.

It's just not right to have a parade without some form of John Deere tractor.

Santa! {Husband!}

A little blogger love

A few weeks ago {months? I don't know...} I posted a few books that were on my Christmas list. Two books by Tori Spelling and, of course, L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad {isn't that on everyone's list??}.

A friend of mine {hey Erin!} happened by the blog and saw this post. So, what did she do? What any normal person would do. She commented that she had both of the Tori books and would be willing to box 'em up and send 'em my way.

Too cool! I promptly emailed her and said, yes, please!

I got the box last week, and though I haven't cracked either of them {I'm still in the middle of my Twilight reread} I'm super pumped about my holiday reading!

Dreams really do come true!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Everything's a dollar? For real?

I have a newfound obsession with the Dollar Tree. Unlike Dollar General, everything really is a dollar. Nothing is $1.99 or $1.75, nope, everything is really a dollar {or less}.

I went to DT on Tuesday for said ornaments and though there was a small section of holiday biz-nazz, I was pretty impressed. I got several packages of ornaments and some wrapping paper. Total? A little more than $9.

I went to DT today {another location, thankyouverymuch}, and loaded up on more ornaments {do I have a slight problem?? Answer: yes.} and some red and gold candles.

By the time I'm done with Christmas decorations shopping {and stalking every DT in a 100-mile radius} our house is going to look like it threw up red and gold. Awesome! Let me know if you're having red and gold withdrawls, we 'd love to have you over.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

By the time I'm finished, Santa won't miss our house

I've always wanted my house to be decked out for Christmas, and I've tried in years past, but it seems like this year, I have extra motivation {thanks to all you other crafty bloggers out there!}.

Yesterday, I got home from work and started a little decorating. We still have to go pick out our fake white flocked tree {yes we go to a real Christmas tree farm and pick out our own tree and can even cut it down ourselves!} and put it up and decorate it {I'm hoping that's on the agenda for this weekend}. But, even with the few things I put out yesterday, our house is starting to look a lot more festive.

I still have plans to make this. I've bought a few ornaments for it, but ended up repurposing them before I could even start on the wreath. Yes, I have Christmas-Decorating-ADD. My plan is to replenish and buy a few more ornaments and get it made and hung by this weekend also.

I also want to get some garland and pine cones and more ornaments and some lights and some...haha

Poor J, he won't know what hit him.

When the ornament wreath is completed {after who knows how many extra trips to replenish ornaments I repurposed}, I'll post a picture of our holiday decor.

More Thanksgiving

J and Hannah...soo cute! She had all the boys wrapped around her little finger. Watch out for her, she'll probably be a heartbreaker one day. (oh, and notice the stuffed animal pug? Yeah, we've pretty brainwashed our entire family on pugs. Hunter and Hannah have 3 stuffed animal pugs between them!)

Then there's Hunter with an infectious smile and laugh. He was too much fun!

Anywhere Jason went, Hannah was sure to follow, with the biggest grin you've ever seen.

Brian with a girly drink, drinkin' it girly-style.

The obsession with Jason continues.

Hunter and his Gigi (is that how you spell it, Mom?). She's affectionately called Geeg.

It's really unfair how much those kids like their Unkie Jas.

I really wish I'd gotten a picture of all the awesome food we had (thanks Mom and Mia!). Maybe next year...or even Christmas. Sure, I'll be on the ball for Christmas. Sure...