Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Well...this is what it should have looked like...

I finally got most of my Christmas cards in the mail the other day, and although I thought the printing quality was less-than-stellar, I still like the design I used.

And, like I said, since the printing quality was less-than-stellar, I've decided to post what it should have looked like on here.

The printers had a hard time figuring out exactly what I wanted. My specs were 6x4" and it was front and back...which shouldn't be too complicated, right?

Nope, the printers just could.not. figure it out. At first, they stretched the card so that the top half was 4x6 and the bottom half was 4x6 so that the card would fold over at the white dotted line....uhh...did I specify that? NO!

Then they were worried that it wouldn't fit in the envelope I specified...

If I could, I would have told them this: I know exactly what I built. I know the specifications and what I'm looking for. If I'd wanted the front to be folded in half, don't you think I would have told you that? And, if I didn't think it would fit in the envelope I told you I needed, do you think I would have told you that I needed it? Also, I wanted the card to bleed...which means you should not have put a white border around it, as I specified with my crop marks in the PDF I emailed you.

Since it's the holiday season, I chose to keep my mouth shut and probably not get anything like that printed from them again.

So, if you got our card, please remember that the design is well thought-out and good looking {minus the fact that the gray reindeer came out black -- ugh!} and let me know if I can help you with any design needs! {shameless self-plug, sorry!}

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