Saturday, September 26, 2009

Makes me feel real good

We have a really quiet weekend planned. {yay!}

On Thursday we hit Campus Corner with a few members of our staff for a little comraderie and picture taking for our OTS section of the magazine.

Can I tell you that I didn't really put much thought into what I was wearing. It was a chilly night, and I'm 26. Not exactly on the prowl, if you know what I mean. But for some reason {maybe 21 year-old guys prefer black long sleeve tops and flats?} I was getting more attention than normal.

We were in Joe's Taverna {btw, free beer for girls on Thursday nights...if you're not going there at some point on a Thursday, you're throwing your money away...} and I was sitting solo and this guy came from the bathroom and stopped to introduce himself and chat. John saw the exchange, but found that there was no reason to come over and save me {thanks, love}.

Then, we hit up O'Connell's and I was on the lookout for OTS pics, and there were many there for the taking, and everyone was excited to get their pic taken for the magazine. Then, I saw a group of guys {I like to put at least a couple pics of guys only in there ... girls read the magazine, too}. I asked if they minded getting their picture taken, and one of the guys insisted that I be in there too...uhh, ok, i guess. So, here's the picture. You don't have to tell me twice how awkward I look.
Me and the guys that insisted I be in their pic...

Anyway, we ended up out way later than I expected, but had a great time. It's fun to pretend you're still in college.

Like I said, not many plans for the weekend, but I would like to get our bedside table painted {'s been in the garage waiting for the paint for more than a month} and get back on the workout track. Have I mentioned that I haven't worked out for 3 weeks?? Ahhh!

Have a good one!

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