Wednesday, December 5, 2012

what's up wednesday.

It's been a while since I've done a "What's Up Wednesday" and this time around, it'll be sans pictures in fear of getting that stupid message again that I've reached my storage capacity!

Here we go ...

• My mind has been set on design auto-pilot lately. It seems like all I think about these days are the designs I'm doing for others, getting my design site up and running and working on my Etsy shop. But! I really have to remember that I've had tons of success with "custom" sales and commercial work.  I shouldn't put all my eggs in Etys's basket ... it's not the end-all.

One of my friends opened her store not too long ago and she's having TONS of success (check out her blog and store!)! Go Jennie!!

• In the same vein ... I finally ordered my Christmas cards! I've had the design done for more than a week, but I just hadn't pulled the trigger!

• J is going to Boston with his brother for 4 days next week. While I know he'll have tons of fun [they're going to the Patriots game on Sunday], I'm jealous that he's getting to go on a fun trip and I'm nervous [that's not really the word I'm looking for, but I can't think of a better one...] that I'll be home with The Monster solo. I've done it before, but he's so much more mobile and opinionated these days :) That means all meals, all baths and all bedtime routines are all mine! Should be fun [and exhausting]! I told I get a Mexican vacation in return for "letting" him go.

• Y'all. I'm running a marathon relay this weekend. My original intent was to run the half. Well, that didn't happen. So we "settled" for the relay.  Thank goodness we did because I've been more than terrible about keeping up my running, so I'm pretty unsure of what my 5.8 miles will look like on Sunday morning. I know one thing for certain, though: I'll be enjoying a mimosa once it's all over. Mmmm ... that'll probably be the best mimosa I've ever tasted!

• Oh Christmas shopping. I've started ... but I'm nowhere near finished. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have my brother and his family all taken care of so I can get their gifts wrapped and in the mail asap! Luckily I have ideas for pretty much everyone. But J has to be the hardest person to shop for. Everything he wants is either super expensive or something I can't really buy him as a surprise.

• I think one of my New Year's resolutions is going to be to cut back on my tv. I really watch wayyyy too much of it. And most shows are totally mindless. I'd like to get back to reading more [book suggestions would be appreciated!] and maybe even do a devotional [suggestions on your favorites here, too!].

Ok, friends. Have a fab Wednesday!

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Emily @ EMILY POSTS said...

Who do you use for your paper printing? I dont know how to find a good online printer... and it's not something you can really try on and return!