Saturday, April 17, 2010

Can I take your picture?

J and I went to a one day photography workshop on Thursday.

At first, the guy was moving super slow and I was really wondering how we were going to last until 4 if it was going to be this boring the whole time. But, by the time our lunch break rolled around, he had finally touched on something we've had trouble with: lighting.

Needless to say, after lunch the time flew by and we learned quite a bit of good stuff.

And, going to that workshop really got us excited about taking more pictures. So, we decided we would {finally} go out to dinner to celebrate my birthday {a month ago} and we'd leave a little early to take some pictures around the OU campus.

Instead of getting directly on the campus, we stopped at the natural history museum and took some pics of the buffalo statue that's out front.

Here are a couple of the better pics that we snapped.

I took this one.

And, J took this one. I love that the face of the buffalo is only partially lit.

I have to admit, I was annoyed when we were taking pics, because John's were way better than mine. But, I just happened to snap that top pic right before we left, and after a little help in photoshop, I really love it. We're thinking of adding it to our gallery wall {when we finally get around to getting it done!}

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