Monday, September 19, 2011

4 month checkup.

We visited Dr. Stacy this morning for Jack's 4 month check up.

Our appointment was for 10:50. Jack usually gets a 10:30 bottle, so that sorta messed with our schedule. I tried giving him the bottle when we got to the Dr.'s office, but Jack wanted nothing to do with it ... so 2 ounces later, we met with Dr. S.

Her nurse measured and weighed our little guy.

Official 4 month stats:
•weight: 15 lbs. 15 oz. (had he taken a normal bottle, he would have been over 16 lbs.)
•height: 251/2" 
•head circumference: 16 3/4"

After weighing the man, we put him on the table, where he proceeded to roll over and tear up the paper. But, he looked extra cute doing it!

Unfortunately, we didn't escape without more vaccines: one oral and two shots. The man did great with the oral and first shot, but after that second shot, he lost it! Poor guy cried so hard and it was much tougher to calm him down this time. Shot days are tough on all of us ...

We got the go ahead from Dr. S to start rice cereal. I have to say, I've been thinking about this day for a while now, and I'm totally intimidated by starting solids. I have so many questions (many I asked): When will be the best time to feed him the cereal? When will I know to take away one bottle? Is he going to take to the cereal? When will we go to 3 meals of solids a day? many more I can't even think of right now. 

But, as I've mentioned before, I'll just need to relax and find my confidence. Once we've figured out what works for us, I'm sure Jack will hit the ground running, and I'll will wonder why I worried about it so much.

Anyway, we had a great check up with the doctor. Jack is right on track and we go back at the end of December.


Josh and Lindsay said...

What a GREAT picture! He is so precious! Cereal... we started Addison a week or so ago and she loves it! We give it to her around 6:30 pm (1-2 T), bath, then final bottle before bed. I heat 8.5 ounces of milk and take 1 oz of it and mix with the cereal. She likes it a bit thicker than what they say to do... whatever works for you right!?

Emily said...

It took us a little longer to get McKenley into the swing of things with the solid foods. But, Jack seems like a much better eater than her, so I doubt he'll have an issue. We started with a small amount 2T with a scoop of formula and then I add the water to the consistency that she likes. We started with a 1/3 of a container of the veggie of the evening. I started with veggies bc thats what they say is best so they don't get spoiled on sweet fruits, but I doubt it really matters! :) After she started getting the hang of it we have worked our way up in amount! Now she eats about 4T of oatmeal and a whole veggie! Just take your time, there's no rush! :)

Christine said...

Ok, you have to stop. Jack is seriously this cute? I don't believe it. His hair is totally gorgeous and his precious little/big cheeks are adorable! If you ever posted a pic of him in an OU outfit I might die. (PS - you totally need to do that just sayin.) Glad he's healthy and happy! Keep the pics coming, I love em!