Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jack: 5 months.

Five months have passed and we're having so much fun! When people say they can't remember life without their baby, it's so true. Sure, life is quite different, but it's good different.

Jack continues to change at what seems like lightening speed and we're loving all of his milestones. A few weeks ago Jack finally started really laughing. We'd heard a laugh or two before, but not until then was it a more regular occurrence.

One morning, while my parents were in town, one of the dogs jumped up on the couch and Jack thought it was the funniest thing! We just love making him laugh. The belly laughs are the absolute best!

I've mentioned this several times, but Jack has had "playdates" with Luke a couple of times, and I can't wait for them to interact. How cute will that be??

In the last month or so, Jack has found his feet. He loves to pull his leg up and chew on his toes. Sometimes the toe of his footie pajamas is wet from trying to chew on his foot. Not only did he find his feet, but Jack is working hard to sit up on his own. He can pretty much sit up alone in someone's lap, but he kind of refuses to try on the ground. He pretty much just throws himself backward (which freaks me out...). But, while lying down, he tries to pull himself up to sit, which makes me think he's going to have some killer abs.

Jack is reaching for just about anything he can get his hands on. And, once he gets it, it goes straight into his mouth. Hilarious! One of his favorite things to reach for is that other baby he sees in the mirror. I take him to the mirror and, no matter how fussy he is, he perks up and smiles instantly.

Like I mentioned, he's chewing on everything, and the doctor even mentioned she could tell his teeth were coming in. No teeth yet, but we're feeling the effects. He chews on all his toys, hands and even his burp cloths.

And, unfortunately, thanks to teething we've taken a step backwards in the nighttime sleep department. For several nights Jack was waking up once in the middle of the night and then around 5 am. Last night, however, his sleep patterns were much closer to normal. No night wake up, but he stirred around 5:15 and put himself back to sleep. We'll all be happier when those little teeth break through. (Except, I'm really going to miss that adorable gummy smile.)

Speaking of sleep, Jack has turned into quite the roly poly. No matter how you put him in his crib for bed (and sometimes one nap), you're sure to find him in a different position when it's time to get up. It seems like he likes sleeping on his side and stomach.

At our doctor's appointment we got the thumbs up to start solids. I was super nervous and, though the first week was sorta rough, we've turned a corner and I can tell he really likes rice cereal. Right now Jack is getting one tablespoon mixed with about an ounce of formula once a day. John and I have pretty much decided we'll start sweet potatoes sometime next week.

4 month stats:
•18 lbs.*
•30-32 oz. a day (mostly 7 oz. bottles with the occasional 5 or 6 oz. one)
•wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes
•still in size 2 diapers, but only because we have so many, he's definitely ready for 3s

*I think our scale is totally off ... 18 pounds?? He was just under 16 pounds 2.5 weeks ago! But, that's what I got, so I'm going with it.

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