Thursday, October 6, 2011

oatmeal cereal.

We started solids two weeks ago, and it didn't seem as though Jack was too crazy about rice cereal, so we decided to try oatmeal cereal.

we were tricked into thinking he liked oatmeal by this cute face
Though the first go-round went well, it was soon evident that Jack did NOT like oatmeal. Granted, I was pushing a little too hard, and feeding him two times a day, which I dont think he was ready for at all, but oatmeal was definitely not a favorite.

but, in reality, this is his truth face
One evening, while trying to feed him, he refused to open his mouth at all and kept turning away. This attempt at solids ended in tears for Jack and frustration for me. Since then, we've returned to rice cereal only one time a day, and we've had so much more success.

It's become so fun to feed Jack solids. We get big smiles and sometimes some laughs while he's eating. I love it!

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Molly said...

Love it! I haven't tried oatmeal yet, still on rice, but I have mixed in a little pureed sweet potatoes...verdict? Grady isn't really into it- I think the flavor scares him a little since he has a startle reflex with every bite. I think I'm going to try rice solo and we'll try it again in another week or so- happy eating!