Thursday, April 7, 2011

thursday randoms.

This week has been nice and low key. For once I didn't have a single meeting or extracurricular activity to take up my time in the evenings, and it's been really relaxing! Now ... on to a few things I've had on my mind:

• It's no secret that I love Bravo reality tv. Tonight is the premier of the fourth season of Real Housewives of New York City. I have to say that this and the OC have always been my favorite. Even last season when the mean girls (Jill, LuAnn and Kelly) finally showed their true colors, I was hooked. I'm sad that Bethenny won't be on there, but she has her own show for me to get my fix. 

Anyway, tonight I plan on getting Ramotional, having a little Turtle Time and will probably end up making faces and comments to the tv because of some ridiculously stupid thing Kelly says. Bring on NYC!!

Watch a preview here.

• A couple summers ago I was all about drinking margaritas. If I was out by the pool or in need of a refreshing adult beverage, a margarita on the rocks with salt was my choice. Unfortunately, I really overdid it on the margaritas and for the last 2 summers I haven't really been able to drink them. 

Cue the nice weather we're having and my not being able to drink, due to this whole growing-a-baby situation ... and all I can think of is a margarita! I posted something about margaritas being a pregnancy craving and it was pretty funny to see how many people agree! One girl I knew in high school said when she was pregnant with her first little girl she bought the bucket of margarita mix and mixed it with Sprite. Then she froze it and would scoop some out when she needed a fix! I love it!

I'm really looking forward to being able to have an adult beverage (preferably a margarita) very soon! Just a little over 4 weeks to go!

• I finally decided on some curtains for the baby's room! I am probably the.most indecisive person, especially when it comes to window coverings, and having just decided on something makes me feel really great!

I found these bright window panels on the Z Gallerie website and I thought they would be perfect! The bedding is yellow, white and gray and I thought blue accents would be perfect! I love the bright color and the pattern.

Since I don't have a Z Gallerie close, I got my mom on the case. She picked up one and we have a second panel on order. I can't wait to get them in and hang them!!

My plan is to show you guys the nursery when I'm closer to having everything and it's a little more put together. Until then...enjoy!

Have a fabulous Thursday!


Christine said...

Oh man I'm pumped for rhony tonight! Should be interesting.. I wonder what the new girl is like? Rhooc has been terrible! There's not one woman on it that I like now! Yuck! And omg I can't believe you only have 4 weeks to go! That's so crazy!! You should definitely have some skinny girl margs this summer! I'll join you for one whenever you're ready! So excited for you guys!

Christine said...

Oh and I can't wait to see the nursery! Those curtains are perfect! We don't have curtains in all the rooms of our house, are we supposed to??

Kate said...

LOVE the curtains!