Thursday, February 25, 2010


Please tell me you watch Kell on Earth {on Bravo} ...

If you're not watching you're missing out on a lot of bitching and clueless girls who "want to get into the fashion industry" but then can't cut it good fashion knowledge.

Kelly Cutrone, owner of People's Revolution {former employer of Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port -- does she still work there?, both of MTV reality fame}, is a very honest ball-buster in the cutthroat world of fashion PR.

I pretty much love watching this show. From Stephanie V. effing just about everything up and male models collapsing and messing up a fashion show installation to Kelly's adorable 7 year old daughter and a male assistant who wears anything from denim overalls to a full-length black gown, this show has it all.

On a recent episode {the same one where the male model collapsed} models were installed for a Genetic Denim show during fashion week. One of the female models is wearing jeggins {jeans + leggings = jeggins}. And, although I'm still a little unsure as to what they are exactly, I'm definitely sure I'm not quite aboard that train {yet, anyway}.

Are they leggings material with denim markings printed on them? Are they made of denim but are just so stretchy they emulate leggings?

Here are a few pairs that I've found online. I'm thinking I need to see these in person, and they'll definitely take a try-on before jumping on the jeggin {btw, Kelly says jeggin but I'm not comfortable with saying it so slangily, unless of course that's what they're called. And let's be honest, if that's what Kelly Cutrone is calling them, that's most likely what they're called...} bandwagon.

J Brand {$165}

Joe's Jeans {$92}

Blank Denim {$78}

Divine Rights of Denim {$40}

The first three pairs of jeggin{g}s are from and the last one is from {a great place for affordable but trendy clothing that not everyone will have because it's not Forever21}


Beth said...

I tried on some jeggins. Turns out they are not for the faint of heart or the bootilicious (sp?). In my case the were extra stretchy denim. But, I also wear lame old lady tights and flats to work so what do I know.

emily said...

My fear of jeggings is if they are more legging than jeans, people will think its ok to wear tops you wear with jeans-not tops you wear with leggings. And then there will be all these awkward legging crotches that just creep me out. (feel free to not post this)