Sunday, August 1, 2010

it all started with the eyeliner.

Ever since I saw that first is-it-or-isn't-it-reality-tv episode of Laguna Beach I've had a girl-crush {ya know, the equivalent of a man-crush} on Lauren Conrad. To me, she's so effortlessly gorgeous and chic. I've always been Team Lauren, even when it seemed like she really was trying to steal Stephen from Kristin.

If she's on the cover of a magazine, I usually want to get it -- but I have to refrain sometimes.

I love her braids.

She started out on reality tv and has parlayed that into a clothing line {or two}, an endorsement deal with Mark cosmetics, best-selling books and some lasting friendships.

And, now she has a real relationship {yep, she confided in me...}. At least she had the foresight to leave The Hills and not bring her relationship on to the show. {ahem, Speidi...}

Remember that house she lived in with Audrina and Lo? Gorg.

And, I really think her make up always looks awesome. I strive to achieve eyeliner like hers. It's true.

I bought the eyeliner she uses {used?} from mark, and it was really good, but I just couldn't perfect the Lauren.

So, do you guys have a girl cush on anyone?


♥Georgie♥ said...

My girls love lauren too...she really is a beauty

Christine said...

Ah I love her too! Can we share her as a girl crush? I'm completely obsessed with her hair! She's got a new clothing line coming out soon too, read it on today in case you're wondering!

Whitney said...

Dude, you are talking to the owner of 2 seasons of Laguna Beach. I wish I owned the box sets of The Hills, but that seems pointless since I've seen every episode (including aftershows) at least 2-3 times.

I also own the first 2 of the 3 books in her trilogy.

So what I'm saying is, I love LC too. I mean, she WAS trying to steal Stephen from Kristin. But I was on her side.

I totally get your girl crush. And she does have amazing eyeliner.

Post pics of YOUR eyeliner experience!