Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Here's the picture I promised you two days ago. I think I've popped a little more than I think I have... And, please excuse the chaos behind me.

Still no movement (and, honestly, it's kinda starting to freak me out that I haven't felt anything). Maybe the little booger will move this weekend with all the excitement of attending it's very first Big XII championship game?? We'll see.

Have a fab Wednesday!


Erin Mills said...

Emily. I know every mommy-experience is different... but I didnt feel little Noah until I was 22 weeks along. YES, 22 WEEKS. I could have died! And there were many time I thought I did. We had a long talk, Noah and I - right around 21 weeks. He moved the next week. Maybe you should consider a hosting your own little lecture with Baby M! :)

Leah said...

You look super cute!