Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas on the run

It's no secret that I'm into running, and I'm really working on getting myself more training-friendly.

With Christmas around the corner {no, seriously, it's sooner than you}, I've found a few things that would make this whole running thing a little easier {well not so much easier, as keep me a little better informed/dryer/warmer}.

This is a Garmin wristwatch, and I found it on (here) for $148 (but I'm not sure how long that low low price will last. It's regularly $299) Can I just say that I had no idea these kinds of things existed. Sure, I knew you could have a Garmin for your car, but a watch? This would make tracking mileage much easier than timing myself and then hopping in my car to watch my odometer while I drive the course I just ran. Who knew!

There are cheaper ones available, but if I'm going to go for it, I may as well, go for it.

I already have one of these in purple and I love it! I seriously have to wash it all.the.time since it's my favorite one to wear. It's from Target, and since we all love Target {including me} and their fab sales, you know this one will be cheap. Right now you can find them for $16.99

Then there are these cute side-tie capri running tights. I'd probably prefer some long pants {with the weather on its way to being cold}, but I found these on sale at for $32.90.

Here are a couple of examples of what I'm looking for in running tights. These aren't on sale, and I know I could find some cheaper ones {I'm a bit lazy today}, but I like UnderArmour ones a lot. Both are from and the UA ones are $59.99 and the Nike ones are $50.

There you have it...a couple things that could really enhance my running, as well as my half-marathon goal.


Steph said...

hi emily! i have that garmin watch and it is AWESOME... i think i paid about $150 for it on sale a few years ago. it is definitely a worthwhile investment :)

Rach & Chris said...

hey! i'd vote for the nike tights over UA...all of their's i've tried are super super tight and not comfy at all! are you running any big races coming up? happy running =)

Rachel said...

Hi! J and I love our Polar watches and heart rate/calorie monitors...check it out--similar price. The foot pod is a little bulky, but I don't notice it. Keep it up! Run the White Rock with us in December!!